Peugeot Enhances Coffee Experience With Paris Press

ROSEMONT, IL— As Peugeot continues to expand into complementary categories beyond mills, it is tapping into the trending craft coffee culture with the launch of its new Paris Press.

With its combined coffee bean grinding and brewing functionality, the new coffee press aligns with the company’s mission to tap into the consumer desire for elevated taste experiences at home.

“The Paris Press expands our retail customer base by moving into a new category for us, coffee brewing. Peugeot has been famous for its world-class coffee mills since the mid-19th century, so this is a natural product extension that ties into our mission of enriching daily life with the best in taste,” said Marie Vavassori-Fundis, marketing manager, Peugeot Saveurs North America.

The Paris Press includes a 4-cup jug and alternate tops for a complete gourmet brewing process. The jug features a clear borosilicate glass interior that protects the purity of coffee taste, and a sturdy, decorative stainless steel exterior that keeps coffee warmer. 

The new press also has a heat-resistant base and a large ergonomic handle.

Tapping into its specialty in grinding technology, the new press includes a coffee mill with a large crank handle that fits on top of the jug. To use, a consumer can add fresh coffee beans in the center and turn the handle to grind coffee directly into the jug. The grinding mechanism is adjustable from coarse to medium, and it is ingredient-specific, calibrated to bring out the flavor in coffee beans.

Once coffee beans are ground, hot water can then be poured into the jug, covered and set for three to four minutes, based on the desired brew time. The lid preserves flavor and temperature, and it features a built-in plunger that can be pushed down once brew time is complete.  A spout on the lid can be opened for pouring, or closed for drip-free transport.

According to Peugeot, these customization features were inspired by the craft coffee consumer.

“The craft coffee trend was an inspiration for the Peugeot Paris Press, along with a return to simplicity of design and a focus on gourmet flavor. Grinding your own coffee beans brings a sense of mindfulness to brewing coffee that encourages you to pause and appreciate the aroma,” she said.

The Paris Press comes with a curved spoon bearing the Peugeot lion logo. It is available for immediate shipment, with a suggested retail price of $120. Replacement jugs will also be sold separately for $15 each.

“Peugeot has a rich heritage and a broad mission that celebrates adventures in taste. We began with pepper, spice and coffee mills, and we have expanded into wine accessories, glassware, cutlery and gourmet spices— only expanding when and if we have a product that is truly new and innovative. The Peugeot Paris Press aligns perfectly with this strategy,” said Vavassori-Fundis.