Peugeot Introduces Royan Mill

Peugeot has introduced the Royan Mill, a beechwood mill with a metallic tint. The mill can be used to grind sea salt or peppercorns.

The 5.5-inch mill is pillar shaped, with rounded edges and a curved indentation between the base and the head where a stainless steel ring appears. The company stated that the mill embodies an upscale elegance that speaks to a passion for fine craftsmanship and the gourmet experience.

“Peugeot has a long tradition of embracing the values of quality and authenticity, and we are responding to consumer demand with Royan and other fine hardwood mills,” said Yvette Laugier, general manager, PSP North America, LLC.

Peugeot Royan salt and pepper mills come with a lifetime warranty on the mechanism, and a five-year warranty on the body. Each mill has a suggested retail price of $45 and will be available for shipment in June 2017.