Peugeot Offers Shelf Liner Merchandising Tool

Peugeot is offering its retailers a new wood shelf liner designed to increase sales by romancing the brand’s heritage and quality.

The point-of-purchase tool is said to highlight the brand’s mills without wasting retail space since it sits under the kitchenware products. Messaging is displayed on a small horizontal front panel that hangs over the shelf, the company said.  

The shelf liner contains bullet points outlining mill features and benefits, such as spice-specific mechanisms, two-stage technology to release all aromas, and adjustable grinding with a consistent, high-output grind. The Peugeot logo is also included on the shelf liner along with the lifetime guarantee stamp.

Made from birch plywood to complement the line of wooden mills, the shelf liner measures 12- by 10-inches with a 2-inch front panel that is compatible with a wide range of detail merchandising options and themes.