Philips Hue Go Lamp Connects Personal Lighting

Royal Philips is taking a new approach to illumination: personal lighting. Philips Hue Go is an iF Design award-winning, fully portable wireless lamp with what the company describes as clever connectivity features.

Philips Go has five new patented light effects to enrich special moments and interaction with more than 200 third-party apps, the company stated.

The product can run plugged in, but users can unplug Hue Go to employ it in a variety of ways— as a main light, a flashlight, a nightlight, even as a portable center piece, for up to three hours in battery mode, Philips stated.

The unit features a control button, and it can operate via a smart phone. Users can choose from seven different light effects ranging from functional warm white light to cool, enlivening daylight to one of the five natural effects that Philips dubbed Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest and Night Adventure. Each effect has its own characteristic flow and mix of colors, and the company said Hue Go can deliver more than 16 million colors to personalize lighting whatever the occasion, mood or moment.

Hue Go also can keep users connected with discrete notifications when an email hits. The product can deliver weather alerts and, through, third party apps, act as a content projector. 

Philips Hue Go has launched in Europe at a 99.95 Euro price and rolls out to North America in June. It is compatible with existing Hue Go connected products.

“We envisage all lights to be connected,” Sridhar Kumaraswamy, business leader for Philips’ connected home systems, said in introducing the Hue Go. “Put simply, lighting is now central to the Internet of things, and we see Philips Hue as the go-to lighting brand for the home. With Philips Hue Go we are building further on our ecosystem, enabling people to experience light in a new way. People can take the light wherever they want, creating the light that suits their moment, taste or mood. It gives people even more choice for how they wish to bring the fun and impact of connected lighting into their homes.”