Pico Brew Launches Multi-Use Pico U Home Beverage Maker

Following the launch of its home craft beer brewing appliance, PicoBrew is expanding into a different type of home brewer with the launch of its Pico U.

Touted by the company as a universal craft beverage brewing appliance, the Pico U unit is designed to brew a variety of craft beverages including coffee, tea and kombucha, milk-based drinks, yerba mate, horchata and dry sodas, as well as craft beer.

Dr. Bill Mitchell, CEO of PicoBrew, said the Pico U unit was developed after the company realized the technology from its home beer brewing unit could also be used to brew other beverages including coffee and tea.  

The company is launching Pico U through a Kickstarter campaign that is running through mid-June. Two units are now available:

  • Pico U Basic supports a single-serve coffee configuration that allows consumers to brew pour-over coffee using their own coffee beans, and to dispense precise-temperature hot water for tea and other beverages, according to the company. It also includes a small step filter that allows brewing compostable “PicoPak Minis” and a 1-liter Bruet vessel for use in brewing larger batches (4-6 cups) of craft coffee, tea and fusion beverages. Pico U Basic starts at $169 on Kickstarter and will retail for $249.
  • Pico U Deluxe supports the single-serve configuration and Bruet batches (4-6 cups), and also includes a larger step filter and Pico keg to enable brewing 5-liter batches of craft beer, kombucha and cold-brew coffee. The Deluxe bundle enables brewing of more than one hundred craft beers from the available PicoPaks on PicoBrew’s BrewMarketplace. Pico U Deluxe starts at $189 on Kickstarter and will retail for $299.

The Pico U measures 13-inches x 9-inches x 10-inches and weighs 10 pounds. Control and monitoring is enabled via a simple front panel display, as well as through a smartphone app. The Pico U is slated for retail availability in the first quarter of 2019.