PicoBrew Adds Craft Beverage Options To Home Brewer

PicoBrew is expanding the capability of its Pico C home brewer with the launch of its Craft Beverage Bundle, which company officials said will allow consumers to make cold brew coffee and kombucha at home.

“Cold brew coffee is being adopted globally as an all-day drink due to smoother taste, lower acidity, higher antioxidant load and better shelf-stability than traditional hot-brewed or iced coffee,” said Dr. Bill Mitchell, PicoBrew co-founder and CEO.

While traditional cold brew coffee often takes several hours to properly brew, Mitchell said the Pico C will now allow consumers to brew a 5-liter keg of cold brew coffee in 90 minutes or less.

According to the company, the Pico C’s brewing program runs cycles with control over temperature, fluid flow and time and features upgraded software for cold brew and kombucha brewing.

The Craft Beverage Bundle includes the Pico C brewing appliance, additional 5-liter keg, three reusable cold brew coffee filters, a kombucha PicoPak along with an optional upgrade for the PicoStill distilling attachment.

Consumers that currently own a Pico C unit are able to purchase the reusable cold brew coffee filter for $4.99 in PicoBrew’s BrewMarketplace. Existing Pico C brewers on the market will also update with the software required to run a cold brew cycle when the unit is powered on and is connected to WiFi.