PicoBrew Adds Distilling To Craft Brewer Lineup

PicoBrew has added PicoStill, a patent-pending distilling attachment compatible with the company’s Pico countertop brewing appliances, as an add-on incentive in its Pico Model C Kickstarter campaign.

PicoStill is a device topped with a copper-distilling coil that fits over the Pico C keg and can be used to distill hop oil, water and essential oils, the company said.

“Since we got started in 2010, PicoBrew has been inventing technologies to make the several thousand years-old process of beer creation easier for professionals and consumers alike,” said Bill Mitchell, CEO, PicoBrew. “The PicoStill not only empowers small batch brewers to create ingredients like hop oil and essential oils more easily than ever before, but it also gives them the most precise and safest technology to do it with.”

PicoStill features a large infusion chamber for essential oil extraction and designing flavored spirits. Licensed distilleries will be able to use the still to test out small batches of new spirits and infusions before committing to larger batches, the company noted.

PicoStill is available now to Kickstarter backers for $170, or packaged with the Pico Model C for $499. It will retail for $349 when it hits stores this fall.