Placer: Dollar Stores, Best Buy Enjoying Traffic Rebounds

Everyday necessities and electronics have gotten a pandemic boost, and according to, that has led to strong rebounds in store visits to Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Best Buy.

According to the traffic tracker, year-over-year Dollar General customer visits surpassed those in 2019 during July, up 17.1% and June, up 14%, as shoppers stressed by economic concerns sought low-price retail alternatives. For the week of August 3, store visits gained 22% versus the corresponding week in 2019.

Dollar Tree might not have seen additional shoppers stroll through the doors on an annualized basis, but its July store visits only were down 2.7% year over year, and foot traffic was actually up 0.9% for the week of August 3 versus the corresponding period in 2019. Even if the result wasn’t as good as that for Dollar General, Placer observed, they were better than that at Walmart, which had a 13.1% visitor deficit in July when compared to the month last year. It should be noted that both Family Dollar, owned by Dollar Tree, and Five Below had positive year over year traffic during the week of August 3, up 5.8% and 1.9%, respectively, from the corresponding period a year ago.

Best Buy’s foot traffic has just about recovered from pandemic levels, Placer reported. Foot traffic at Best Buy was down only 0.9% year-over-year for the week of August 3 after being down 14% in July versus the year-earlier month, Placer pointed out, adding that back-to-school sales may help drive more customers through the doors as August progresses.