Placer: Kohl’s Stores Enter 2021 In Strong Competitive Position

According to, despite being down year over year, Kohl’s stores are 2020 winners versus key rivals, particularly in the holiday season.

Kohl’s weekly store visits year over year since the week of November 9 slipped an average of 27.4%, the traffic tracker noted. However, that number was better than Macy’s or J.C. Penney managed. Their weekly store visits declined an average of 40.3% and 46.6%, respectively, in the period.

Placer credits the traffic boost to Kohl’s initiatives, such as becoming a return location for Amazon. Placer added that a newly announced Kohl’s partnership with Sephora, which has located operations in J.C. Penney stores previously, could help the Kohl’s tap into a fresh customer base.

Kohl’s should be well positioned for 2021, Placer asserted, with stand-alone neighborhood locations still serving as a benefit and a value orientation providing a boost in a rough economy.