Placer: Prospects Brightening For At Home, Kroger, Walmart

At Home, Kroger and Walmart look to gain store visits based on market circumstances, according to traffic tracker

At Home has been in expansion mode, and noted that traffic results suggest strong performance as COVID-19 movement and shopping restrictions loosen. Visits on Saturday, May 30 were up dramatically versus the equivalent Saturday 2019, the company stated. If the pace keeps up, as June’s performance so far suggests, the brand’s 2020 should be exceptional, Placer concluded.

A mixed 2019 Kroger performance turned into something stronger in the pandemic, Placer indicated. Store traffic is quickly returning to pre-pandemic levels, which could give the company a long-term lift.

In addition to those observations, Placer determined that the closure of Fred’s is likely to shift more consumer activity into Walmart operations as more than 96% of Fred’s visitors also shopped a Walmart store since 2018 and more than 42% shopped a Sam’s Club.