Planetary Design Expands French Press Assortment

Planetary Design has added the 28-ounce OVRLNDR Press to its BruTek assortment of outdoor-focused coffee gear.

According to the company, the OVRLNDR press features Planetary’s Bru-Stop plunger to prevent coffee from over-brewing. The new OVRLNDR Press will launch in mid-July.

“We’ve been developing a French press with removable base for several years, and we’re happy to see our hard work and ingenuity culminate with the introduction of the BruTrek OVRLNDR Press this summer,” said Jess Nepstad, CEO of Planetary Design. “It truly is a ‘no mess’ French press. Consumers today are more educated about coffee and brewing methods, and they expect innovation and higher quality, even when traveling America’s highways, byways and backroads, or recreating in the outdoors.”

The OVRLNDR features rugged construction for use on the road or in the outdoors, double-wall vacuum insulation to keep coffee hot and a lockable, spill-proof lid. The press also features Planetary’s Bru-Stop plunger plate assembly, which the brand noted stops the brewing process once fully depressed to prevent coffee from becoming overly bitter.

The 28-ounce OVRLNDR is available in Brushed Steel or Mountain Lake, Obsidian and Red Rock colors, with a textured finish.