Planetary Design Teams With Starbucks On Coffee Storage Containers

Planetary Design, LLC, has partnered with Starbucks Coffee Company for a Starbucks-branded Airscape coffee storage container collection.

Planetary Design’s Airscape containers feature a patented inner lid said to preserve the freshness and flavor of whole bean and ground coffee. They are made of stainless steel with a custom matte black finish, custom smoke gray outer lid and feature the Starbucks logo near the base. The 7-inch-tall containers are large enough to hold approximately one pound of whole bean or ground coffee.

According to the company, the storage containers are available for sale exclusively in 4,000 large-format Starbucks stores across the U.S. The Starbucks-branded Airscape containers are available starting this month and retail for $27.95.

“We’re honored that Starbucks thinks so highly of our Airscape container to place their logo on it and we’re excited to see it on shelves in stores across the country. Starbucks joins hundreds of other coffee roasters and shops that recognize the unique benefits of the Airscape— it’s a great endorsement of what we believe is the best way to store your coffee beans and grounds,” said Jess Nepstad, CEO of Planetary Design.