Planetary Design To Debut New BruTrek French Presses

Planetary Design will release two new BruTrek French presses in 2020. The new presses feature a removable base for cleaning and the Bru-Stop plunger and plate to prevent coffee from over-brewing.

The new BruTrek Ovrlndr press will be available for purchase in February 2020, with an upscale model for home use to be released later in the year.

“We’ve been working on a French press with removable base for several years with our design firm, factories and the patent holder, Grant Varnum, and we’re happy to see our ingenuity, licensing and hard work culminate with the introduction of the Ovrlndr next year,” said Jess Nepstad, CEO of Planetary Design. “Consumers today are more educated about coffee and brewing methods, and they expect innovation and higher quality. We’re poised to make a big change in the design of French presses.”

In addition to the new patented removable base for cleaning of coffee grounds, the 28-fluid ounce French press will feature elements such as durable construction for use in the outdoors, double-wall vacuum insulation to keep coffee hot, a no-leak lid with pour spout, and the Bru-Stop plunger and plate assembly.

The company said that the new French press will have a suggested retail price of $50.