Plum Aims To Enhance The Wine Drinking Experience

DANIA BEACH, FL— A pioneering company is making a splash in the wine accessories market: Plum, the three-year-old entrepreneurial firm, is using technology to fundamentally alter the way consumers enjoy wine by the glass.

Launched in 2017 by founder and CEO David Koretz, Plum developed a fully automatic appliance that preserves and chills wine so that it can be enjoyed a single glass at a time, without compromising the taste or integrity of the remainder of the bottle.

“Plum is dedicated to transforming how consumers and hotel guests enjoy wine from the bottle to by-the-glass,” explained Andreas Hansen, Plum global president. “The company was created with a single goal of changing the way wine is served to match the way people live. By combining sophisticated technology and elegant design, Plum is delivering on its mission to bring the perfect glass of wine on demand, every time— preserved and served at its ideal temperature.”

Hansen continued, “It began with a simple question: If we could wake up every morning and have the perfect cup of coffee on demand, why couldn’t we have the perfect glass of wine in the evening. We wanted to enjoy each glass just as the winemaker intended. So we set out to build an appliance that was beautiful enough to look great in our living room or on our kitchen counter, and advanced enough to fully automate preservation and cooling. We wanted it to be easy enough to use that it would become a part of our routine.”

The Plum wine appliance holds two standard, 750-ml bottles of wine, using artificial intelligence to automatically identify the specific varietals and chilling each bottle individually to the temperature that is recommended for that varietal. Each bottle chamber has an integrated, high-definition camera that scans the label on the bottle and automatically identifies the varietal, vintage, region, winery and wine. A patented, motorized, double-cored needle automatically pierces natural or artificial corks, or even metal screw caps and foil covers, and prevents any air from entering. The unit preserves the wine in the bottles for 90 days by injecting argon gas into the bottle to prevent oxidation. The unit comes with a fully reusable argon gas canister that preserves 150 bottles.

Plum’s wine appliance features a sleek, brushed stainless steel exterior with a high-gloss black front. The dispenser can be programmed to pour a standard 5-ounce glass, a 1-ounce tasting sample, or customized serving sizes. The dual spouts pour each wine directly from the bottle into the glass. Other special features include two thermoelectric solid-state cooling chambers that provide virtually silent cooling and a built-in automated cleaning system. Suggested retail price is $2,499.

Hansen said Plum is focusing on marketing the product to independent retailers, specialty stores and gourmet shops.

“Plum is an experimental, experiential product that needs to be experienced to fully grasp the change in lifestyle it will trigger,” he pointed out. “Plum users change their habits on how they interact with wine. It opens up a world of possibilities in the ability to enjoy exceptional wines regularly. We want to work with retailers that immediately see the benefit and use Plum at their stores to host, entertain and make Plum an experience.”

Plum is aggressively expanding its distribution network. In May, the company formed strategic partnerships with Eastern Marketing, a wholesale distributor of luxury appliances in the U.S. with a network of more than 600 independent dealers; Maple Distributing, one of the fastest-growing luxury appliance distributors in the central U.S.; and Pinnacle Sales Group, a leading luxury appliance, plumbing and outdoor kitchen distributor covering the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest markets.

The new distributors join Plum’s existing network, which includes Mode Distributing in the Western U.S.; LUWA Luxury, in the Pacific Northwest and Canada; La Cuisine International, in Latin America and the Caribbean; and Grupo IESA in Mexico.

Hansen is confident that Plum will rapidly reshape the way consumers enjoy wine.

“There is no competitive product in the market today,” he said. “Other systems require you to uncork the bottle which immediately triggers oxidation. The only way to extract liquid out of a bottle is to uncork it or drill a hole through the cork. As we never open the bottle to begin with, oxidation never starts and we can guarantee 90 days preservation.”

“We only have one product, but we have a large in-house engineering and software team that constantly focuses on improving the experience,” Hansen added. “We pride ourselves on doing one thing, and one thing only, which is delivering the perfect wine experience to wine lovers around the globe.”