Portmeirion Celebrates 200 Years Of Spode Blue Italian Pattern

Portmeirion Group is commemorating 200 years of the iconic Spode Blue Italian design with two new launches: a limited edition 200th Anniversary Signature Collection, and Spode Giallo serveware and dinnerware, a modern interpretation of the design. The company showcased the new items at the New York Tabletop Market earlier this month.

“From its beginning Portmeirion Group has been an innovator in the tabletop industry and we continue that tradition by celebrating the 200th anniversary of Spode Blue Italian,” said Wendy Bryan, corporate vp/Portmeirion Group USA.

“One of our most well-known and celebrated collections, Spode Blue Italian represents a slice of history for many people. We are honored to celebrate the continued success of this pattern by presenting the Signature Collection of accessories and Spode Giallo. Two new lines that can be enjoyed for years to come,” Bryan added.

The Spode Blue Italian 200th anniversary Signature Collection offers six porcelain pieces in distinctive shapes. The Spode Giallo collection keeps the style of Blue Italian but modernizes it with yellow accents. Each piece is adorned with a yellow Romanesque pattern border mixed with blue and white scenes from Blue Italian. Coordinating white dinner plates feature only the blue and yellow border and offer a more modern design to the consumer.

The Spode Blue Italian 200th Anniversary Signature Collection and Spode Giallo will be in stock February 2016.