Housewares Veteran Launches SophistiPlate Single Use Tableware

SophistiPlate, LLC, a new company formed early in 2016, will launch a high-end disposable tableware line in early September targeted toward higher-end grocery, specialty and independent stores.

The chairman of SophistiPlate, Gary Seehoff, formerly chairman, CEO and founder of Evriholder Products, said, “Disposable tableware certainly makes life easier on a party host but it hasn’t evolved much in the last several years. We’re looking to really kick it up a notch with a beautifully designed line that truly elevates the look of an event.”

The company aimed to launch a line of single use tableware that enhances a table setting and ambience. Seehoff discovered a line of sophisticated paper products designed and made in Italy, and SophistiPlate was born.

The line has over 200 options featuring a variety of colors, finishes, sizes, unique shapes and patterns including pearlized, metallic and chevron. It is designed to easily mix and match several colors and styles, and has everyday designs as well as those that can be used for holiday table settings.

Social media for SophistiPlate kicked off last month with several posts geared towards entertaining, cooking and event planning.

“We’re here for more than just selling product. With my background in culinary arts and Gary’s background in product design and development, we really want to offer a place for people to find inspiration, share recipes and entertaining tips, and discuss our favorite pastime, breaking bread with friends and family,” said Daniel Seehoff, CEO, SophistiPlate.

For more on SophistiPlate, see the upcoming August 29, 2016, issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.