Powell Highlights Mixed Materials Furniture Design Trend

New applications of metal construction remain popular in mass-market furniture introductions, such as the new designs that Powell Home Fashions brought to the Winter Las Vegas Market.

At its Las Vegas World Market Center showroom, the company demonstrated how the use of metal is evolving but also how gradual and perhaps perpetual that evolution is.

The company developed virtually identical collections of accent tables in saturated gold and silver tones. At recent furniture markets, copper, brass and deeper gold tones have emerged, although none has developed such demand, as yet, to exclude other tones. Similarly, silver has become a popular element but has not eclipsed even brighter chrome looks.

In most, although not all cases, the metals are in mixed material presentations. The metals combined with glass, wood and materials with wood looks, and very often even paper surfaces, have ingrained textures to give them the most natural appearance possible. Creative application of mixed materials remains important in the market with metal and natural looks, including stone, generating sufficient consumer response to keep them central to design.

The Winter Las Vegas Market concludes tomorrow, January 28.