Prepara, Catamount Sign Licensing Agreement

Prepara and Catamount Glassware of Bennington, VT, have signed a licensing and distribution agreement.

According to the company, Catamount Glassware designed and manufactured high-quality borosilicate glass cookware for 38 years. After the untimely passing of its founder Alain Karyo in August of 2019, Catamount shut down operations.

Prepara has been part of the kitchenware industry for more than 10 years with its kitchen tools and said the glassware collection is a natural fit with the brand’s assortment.

As part of the exclusive agreement with Catamount Glassware, Prepara can use the designs, brand and manufacturing process pioneered by Karyo. Prepara said it will continue to use the same borosilicate glassware supplier Catamount had used for 20 years ensuring quality and performance.

In addition, the agreement allows the continued availability of Catamount products including its Microwave Corn Popper as part of a “Movie Night Gift Set” that includes a 4-cup fat separator, measuring cups and other key items.