Overstock Expands Private Label Furniture Brands

Overstock.com has introduced 17 exclusive private label furniture brands with the intent of aiding shoppers as they express their unique styles.

In total, the new brands will provide consumers with a selection of more than 16,000 furniture and home décor products. Brands introduced offer an array of popular styles from farmhouse to mid-century to traditional with price ranges that ensure products are affordable to a broad range of consumers, the company said.

Shoppers can use Overstock’s mobile app to search for products based on style and budget. Then, using augmented reality, shoppers can preview products alongside existing furniture to see how size, texture and color match their current space.

All 17 of the new brands are exclusive to Overstock.com and include:

  • Carbon Loft.  Inspired by industrial styling, each piece in the collection boasts strong lines warmed with elements in a repurposed look.
  • Carson Carrington Home. A mid-century modern collection styled to render understated elegance and strike a balance between the modern and timeless.
  • Clay Alder Home. Simple lines and sharp geometric angles provide products with open, airy, warm and polished look.
  • Copper Grove. A collection that refreshes conventional, traditional elements to suggest an informal ease suited for everyday living.
  • Gracewood Hollow. Informed by refined traditional furniture design, the collection also incorporates classic comfort and quality materials.
  • Havenside Home. Soft shapes and a palette of coastal colors give the collection a carefree, summery essence.
  • Laurel Creek. Affordable traditional furniture inspired by modern life, the collection features soft edges, sink-in comfort and a palette of calm neutrals that can readily blend with existing furnishings.
  • Maison Rouge. Shabby chic pieces designed to create an inviting ambiance of welcoming comfort and warmth.
  • Oliver + James. Contemporary style in a collection that balances strong profiles and clean angles with classic comfort, livability and quality craftsmanship.
  • Palm Canyon. Mid-century cool, given bold shapes with clean lines, comfortably priced.
  • Pine Canopy. In a rustic style, the collection mixes natural elements and earthy textures.
  • Porch & Den. An affordable collection of sophisticated and contemporary shapes.
  • Silver Orchid. Sculptural lines, shimmering accents and lush fabrics enliven the glam collection.
  • Strick & Bolton. Uncluttered lines, minimal ornamentation, and natural curves distinguish the mid-century modern collection.
  • The Curated Nomad. Global and bohemian, the collection features bold textures, eclectic patterns and high-energy colors.
  • The Gray Barn. Farmhouse style for everyday life with comfortable pieces that balance country heritage and modern sophistication.

“Consumers are constantly bombarded with the latest trends to follow, and we found that a majority simply want to shop the looks they like instead, regardless of whether it’s on trend,” said Kelsey Byrne, Overstock director/private label brands. “We built these private label collections to give shoppers the opportunity to find products that speak to them on any budget and style, because we think style is beautiful when it’s uniquely yours.”