Progessive Expands PL8 Line With Ceramic Goods

Progressive International has expanded its PL8 kitchenware assortment with a new ceramic salt cellar and olive oil bottle.

The 12-ounce olive oil bottle is designed to enable consumers to spray oil onto foods while cooking, preparing or serving. The bottle can be pushed down via the pump mechanism to quickly spray or slowly let out a stream of oil. Each pump sprays approximately 1/4 tsp of oil. The bottle’s body is made of ceramic and it has a chrome handle.

The new PL8 salt cellar is also made of porcelain and is designed to keep salt within reach while cooking. It has a stainless steel lid that is said to shield salt from dust and other contaminants. The unglazed interior absorbs moisture to help keep salt dry and fresh and a silicone bumper creates a buffer. The cellar holds approximately 1.25 cups.