Prosper: Consumer Confidence Jumps In March

Consumer sentiment was more positive in March, according to a survey conducted by Proper Insight & Analytics earlier this month, ending a three-month slide. The proportion of consumers who are confident or very confident in the chances for a strong economy reached 47.4%, up about five points from the February figure.

The March 2016 figure is down slightly from the month last year but up from a 13-month average of 46.6%, Prosper indicated.

The proportion of consumers who said they have become more practical in their purchasing, 35.7%, is down slightly from February, Prosper maintained, and the same may be said for the proportion of those more focused on needs than wants, 40.5%.

Overall, consumers expressed somewhat less interest in paying down debt, increasing savings and spending less overall this month versus February and March 2015, according to Prosper.