Prosper: Consumers Slightly More Cautious On Halloween Spending

Consumer confidence slipped slightly month over month, with respondents to the Prosper Insights & Analytics October survey slightly more wary early this month than they were 30 days prior. 

When Prosper conducted its monthly survey, the market research firm found respondents slipped to 44.5% as confident or very confident about a strong economy, down from 44.9% in September.

Still, that was several points higher than the 41% reading in October 2014.

Consumers were more worried about layoffs this month than last month and last October, although in all three periods, the proportion of consumers concerned about fresh job losses only ranged a little over 20%. Month over month, more consumers were concerned this month with paying down debt, increasing savings and decreasing overall spending, with those sentiments also stronger than last October in two of the three categories. The desire to increase savings was roughly even in October, year over year. In all cases, those desires were expressed by about a third of consumers.

The consequence of a slightly shakier economic outlook could be less Halloween spending. On average, consumers plan to spend $74.34 on the holiday, down from $77.52 last year. That figure is the lowest since 2011 but higher than any of the four years previous.