Pulsaderm Debuts ReNu Diamond Microderm System

Pulsaderm, a U.S.-based manufacturer of skin care technology for at-home use, has launched the ReNu Diamond Microderm System that includes Phyto Stem Cell CE A Ferulic serum.

According to the company, Pulsaderm took inspiration from advanced diamond exfoliation and vacuum-suction technology used in microdermabrasion to create the new handheld device for at-home use. Pulsaderm stated that the ReNu device uses diamond exfoliation combined with advanced vacuum suction to massage away the extra layers of skin that build up with age, in order to reveal a revitalized and renewed complexion.

To enhance results, the company said that ReNu will come with a 1-ounce Phyto Stem Cell CE A Ferulic Serum (which retails for $49), for post-microdermabrasion application with ReNu. The company said that the serum extends the life of healthy skin cells, protects the skin against photo-aging, and helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

“We are thrilled to build upon a highly successful year with the launch of ReNu,” said Pulsaderm co-founder Chaz Hatfield. “Its multi-faceted technology will help solve multiple skin care problems with one safe and accessible solution. With the addition of ReNu, Pulsaderm’s line of state-of-the-art beauty devices is transforming the cosmetics market by bringing the latest in cosmeceutial technology at affordable prices.”

ReNu has an SRP of $149 and is currently available on the company’s website.