Pur Launches Water Quality Website

Pur has launched the Know Your Water website, a free online resource where consumers can learn about their local water quality.

According to the company, by leveraging data within EPA-mandated water quality reports, the personalized experience visualizes and breaks down for consumers, in simple steps, what may be in their drinking water.

By typing in their home address, visitors can follow their water from its source to its treatment facility to their home, learning about the potential contaminants that can be picked up on its way. This is said to provide consumers with an easy-to-use solution for understanding the data within their municipal water quality reports. Simple solutions are then given to reduce many contaminants to ensure cleaner drinking water comes out of their tap.

“The recent lead contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan was an eye-opening experience and reinforced our goal to educate consumers and empower them to find out about what’s in their water,” said Deb Mudway, vp/marketing, Helen of Troy Home, owners of Pur. “Our Know Your Water website will let anyone, from any state gain a greater understanding of the kinds of contaminants that can potentially be in their own local water supply.”