Pur Water Supports Local Youth Education Efforts

To kick off the holiday season on Giving Tuesday, Pur Water, a Helen of Troy brand, has formed new partnerships with Citizen Schools, Friends of the Children-Boston and Thrive Support & Advocacy to help support local youth education efforts.

Pur will donate a total of $130,000 across these organizations, as well as donate 375 Pur lead-reducing pitchers to be distributed to local children and their families in the greater Boston area. The new partnerships are focused on educational programming and mentorship for kids who may not otherwise have access to these resources.

“From our work in communities that have been impacted by elevated levels of lead in their water, we often see that there is a knowledge gap that may prevent people from seeking out cleaner water solutions,” said Mike Mitchell, director of advanced technologies of health and home at Helen of Troy. “We are excited to partner with Thrive Support & Advocacy, Citizen Schools and Friends of the Children-Boston as we feel strongly that education can help bridge this gap and ultimately give our kids a chance at a better and brighter future.”