Registrations ‘Steady’ For Fall High Point Market


Registrations for the recent fall High Point Market “held steady” when compared to markets in prior years, High Point Market Authority officials said.

Brian D. Casey, president and chief executive officer of the High Point Market Authority, reported that 75,329 home furnishings professionals registered for the recent Market. Of these registrants, more than half— 43,895— were buyers. Additionally, more than 1,600 international buyers representing 668 buying organizations from around the world registered for Fall Market 2009, as did 14,749 designers who came together in the world’s home for home furnishings to explore the newest ideas in home furnishings.

“I’m particularly pleased to report that almost 3,000 registrants returned to High Point this Fall for the first time in three or more markets, and 2,635 more visited High Point for the first time ever,” Casey said.

“Buyers are searching for ways to get their businesses moving again and a trip to the High Point Market is the most efficient, and cost-effective way to do that. They realize that new products and ideas are imperative if they are going to lure consumers back into the marketplace, and that the best place to make these connections is the High Point Market.”