Reidea Introduces Crowdsourced Body Scale

Reidea has introduced its HaloWeight body scale, which is now available for purchase.

According to the company, the scale was named and developed in part through Reidea’s Genius program and through a crowdsourcing competition. The program is said to provide free or highly discounted samples of existing and pre-released products in exchange for customer feedback.

“The HaloWeight body scale is one of the first products to be determined and named through our Genius program as well as online competition,” said Christy Lee, Reidea CEO.  “We have many more on the drawing board and look forward to working closely with our customer base to create the best household product solutions possible.”

The scale is powered by standard AAA batteries and features an automatic on/off switch to save battery life, a large LCD display for accurate reading and a futuristic design including high-tempered glass. It also includes a low-battery warning and overload warning to ensure accuracy.

The scale is said to provide medical-quality precision, up to a maximum of 400 pounds, and carries a suggested retail price of $29.99. It is currently available on the company’s website.