Reliable Advances Brand Site Platform To Engage Consumers

TORONTO— Reliable Corporation began a rebranding effort last year, and is now ready to launch the last part of that marketing initiative with a new website.

According to Robert Kahn, president and CEO of Reliable Corporation, from a technical standpoint, the company was in need of a more responsive website as its old platform required a much longer turnaround for any marketing initiatives. “We will be much nimbler now,” Kahn said.

One of the biggest goals for the new site design, he noted, was to create a platform that told the brand’s story.

“We love high quality design at Reliable. It’s what makes our products so unique. We wanted this website to reflect our passion for design to our customers,” he said.

He added that one of the most significant changes to the site that consumers can expect is the presentation of information for the company’s floor care, garment care and steam cleaning appliances. “Our products are mostly technical in nature. We want to tell a visual story about each of our products, making sure the questions customers most often ask are addressed on each product page. This has led us to create a clean, concise website, free of visual clutter,” Kahn said.

He noted that from the font and the colors chosen from its style guide, to the visual stories that have been a part of the company’s ongoing “The Reliable Way” social media campaign, the company’s rebranding efforts are evident throughout the website.

Prior to the full-scale website launch, however, the company tested its new design with a soft launch. Kahn explained, “We are moving to an entirely different platform for our online store. It is prudent to do this without a lot of fanfare as there can be small issues with the user experience or the content and we want to minimize the number of users who may experience navigational challenges.”

He added that nothing significant will change once the website is fully launched, but “we are using quite a number of new web applications on our new site and we need to be certain that everything is working together as it should. If there are any issues we can move quickly to fix them.”

He also noted that, “as happens sometimes with technology, it was delayed by more than a year as we worked through some website platform issues. While the delay was frustrating having come so far with our rebranding efforts, I am very pleased with how the new site looks and performs.”

Connecting with the company’s overall rebranding efforts, Kahn said Reliable is set to launch four new consumer garment care appliances during the fourth quarter of this year.

The company has also just finished realigning its steam cleaning category, adding new features and benefits to existing models and discontinuing older models. The commercial side of the business is also thriving, Kahn said, and new projects for 2017 and 2018 are in the works.

The biggest what’s next for Reliable’s marketing and promotional programs is going to revolve around the new website and the company’s initiatives to engage consumers.

“We are only on the first chapter of this story and we have many exciting ideas planned to propel Reliable forward,” Kahn said.