Remington Unveils K-Cup Compatible iCup Rotational Brewer

Remington announced the introduction of its iCup, what it has termed, “the first single-serve coffee brewing system to use rotational SteamBrew technology.” The new system will debut at the International Home+Housewares Show in Chicago.

“iCup is a breakthrough technology for the single-serve brewer industry, providing a superior tasting cup of coffee as compared with your favorite Keurig K-Cup or K-type equivalent,” said Bruce Burrows, Remington CEO.

iCup uses iCoffee’s patented rotational SteamBrew technology to steam and stir the coffee grounds in all Keurig and K-type compatible cups. According to the company, rotational brewing technology, “creates a brewing environment that extracts rich, smooth flavors without the bitter-acidic aftertaste often associated with drip and single-serve coffee brewers.”

“We have changed the game by creating a system that accepts all Keurig K-Cups, including the new 2.0 interactive K-Cups, as well as any K-type equivalent. By popular demand, our iCoffee lovers requested we put the “impossibly smooth” taste that they experience with iCoffee in a single-serve machine, and we are thrilled to be able to do that with iCup.”

Remington launched its iCoffee in 2013, which was the first coffee brewer to utilize rotational steam jets inside the brew baske. iCup uses a patent-pending rotational jet inside the K-Cup that steams and stirs the coffee.

According to the company, the iCup brewer is also the first to use a patent-pending Dial-a-Brew cup size selector that provides the user with any brew strength between 6- and 18-ounces depending on the configuration.

iCup will be produced in four models and comes with different features. Some models will include a built-in storage space within the brewer that holds eight coffee pods.