Renaisscent Releases Smart Aroma Diffuser

Renaisscent, an essential oils diffuser manufacturer, has developed new fragrance capsules for its smart digital fragrance diffuser.

The company has developed four different series’ of aroma capsules, which includes: Relaxation, Oriental Meditation, Attractive Sensuality and Cosmopolitan. Each capsule comes with three different aromas for a total of 12 options.

The aroma diffuser works with the company’s app, which is able to recognize the capsules and show the aroma icons on a smartphone screen. The diffuser then diffuses fragrances per a user’s designed configuration. The app can also be customized to mix and match the types of fragrances, as well as the density and duration of diffusion.

The Renaisscent smart fragrance diffuser can be used in various environments as it does not use water, the company said.