Renato Bialetti Passes

Bialetti has reported that Renato Bialetti, son of Alfonso Bialetti, who founded the company in 1933, died February 11 at the age of 93.

Renato Bialetti is credited with launching the successful marketing campaign behind the iconic Bialetti Moka Express coffee pot, which included the now-famous illustration that appears on the pots— a little man with a mustache— which was based on a caricature of himself.

According to a translation from the Bialetti Italy Facebook page, the company stated: “Renato Bialetti was one among the first to believe in the power of marketing and, thanks to his choices, the Moka has become an icon to the whole world… From now on, it will be even more of our duty to bring forward the style and the Italian culture of coffee to the whole world that his father started in a garage in Crusinallo. Renato, we’ll miss you.”

Bialetti USA added, “We humbly share news from Bialetti Italy that Renato Bialetti has passed away. His legacy continues in the iconic Moka Express.”