Rent-A-Center Offers Integrated Retail Partner Service

Rent-A-Center is offering its Preferred Lease program, a new integrated retail partner offering.

Preferred Lease is a business model combining elements of the company’s Acceptance Now staffed lease-to-own service and the Merchants Preferred virtual lease-to-own service. The Preferred Lease offers a more flexible lease-to-own program, one that maximizes the retail partner’s opportunity to attract additional customers with a more comprehensive, differentiated offering.

The new service enhances retail partner relationships by specifically tailoring to business and selling trends including the ability to choose an in-store staffed, self-guided virtual or hybrid model. Customers benefit with flexible ownership options and technology that provides a quick and easy approval process.

“In the last year, Rent-A-Center successfully acquired and integrated Merchants Preferred, advancing our existing capabilities into the most comprehensive offering in the industry,” said Mitch Fadel, Rent-A-Center CEO. “Preferred Lease has a unique offering that services the needs and expectations of both our customers and retail partners. We significantly increase retailers’ same store sales by doing business with both the banked and un-banked consumer. Preferred Lease is also the only lease-to-own provider in the market with the option of providing supplemental staff for the retailer. We are very excited to be able to deliver our customers the solution they need and our retail partners a truly differentiated offering.”