Report: Keurig CEO Reveals Details About ‘Kold’ System

During the recent International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, a much discussed category among attendees was the growing cold beverage maker segment, and most notably the forthcoming launch of Keurig’s cold beverage system.

While there have been few details released about the new product, expected to be released during the back half of 2015, Keurig CEO Brian Kelley recently revealed some information regarding Kold, according to a report from Seeking Alpha.

The reported indicated that Kelley, during the recent Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference, revealed that Keurig Kold would include a variety of beverages such as seltzer, soft drinks and functional beverages. Consumers will also be able to home brew Coke, iced teas, sports drinks and sparkling water.

When contacted by, Keurig officials confirmed that brands from the Coca-Cola Company, the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group, Flynn’s Soda Shop, Flyte, Seraphine and Keurig-owned brands would be part of the Kold system.

The company also confirmed to HomeWorld that unlike other cold beverage makers already on the market— most notably SodaStream— Kold would not utilize carbon dioxide (CO2) canisters. Specifics on the type of carbonation system Kold will use were not immediately available.

Additionally, Seeking Alpha reported that Keurig applied for the Keurig Kold trademark nearly a year ago, and in February applied to trademark “Karbonator.” Keurig officials told HomeWorld they would not comment on trademarks at this time.