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Annual Housewares Census

World's annual statistical report is the industry's best read and most frequently cited resource for retail sales data and analysis encompassing every key housewares category.
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Each fall, this highly anticipated industry planning resource from HomeWorld reveals results of a comprehensive online consumer study measuring detailed purchase intent and preferences in all core housewares categories. HomeWorld Forecast also examines the industry's hottest and fastest-growing categories.
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HomeWorld Business introduces the housewares industry to groundbreaking consumer research that develops comprehensive, directional marketing reports based on exclusive, national online focus groups that can cover a virtually unlimited array of categories or topics important to suppliers and retailers.

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    Air Purifiers
  • 06/01/2017 - 05/31/2018
  Brand Description Common
Ad Price
1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link White 30557101 $499.99
2. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower 30515801 $424.99
3. Honeywell True HEPA HPA300 $199.99
4 Honeywell True HEPA w/Allergen Remover HPA100 $99.99
5. Honeywell Air Genius 5 HFD320 $149.99
6. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link 30557001 $499.99
(tie) Germ Guardian 3-in-1 True HEPA AC4825 $89.99
8. Honeywell True Compact Tower HPA060 $59.00
(tie) Therapure Compact 360 Dual Action 90TP100CD01W $29.88
10. Envion Allergy Pro 200 HEPA Filter AP200 $69.88

*Rank is a weighted score based on the number of advertisements received by each product, the number of chains advertising that product, the number of stores in the chain and the placement of the item within the advertisement.
•Retail channels surveyed include: Mass Retailers, Department Stores, Hardware/Home Centers and Drug?Chains.

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Chicago, IL

SOURCE:  Market Track

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