Retailers Broaden Home, On-The-Go Beverage Product Selections

Best Buy

The in-store coffeemaker assortment at Best Buy now includes a broad selection of high-end products with an eye toward those consumers who desire to make specialty coffee at home. The retailer’s selection features a host of products from Nespresso and Brim at pricepoints that encroach on the $400 level. In addition, the electronics superstore also maintains a mix of drip coffeemakers at prices above the opening pricepoint level.


Single-serve remains an integral player in Kohl’s assortment of coffeemakers. Several single-serve units are positioned along the main customer aisle, allowing shoppers to quickly browse those units the retailer is featuring. Drip coffeemakers also maintain a presence in the department store retailer’s assortment, with several units placed along the back wall and others showcased in-store as part of key brand statements.


The hydration bottle offering at Target presents its shoppers a host of product from which to choose. The in-store assortment offers a broad color selection and bottles at various sizes. Pricepoints, too, are as broad as its SKU count, with the retailer making a strong good/better/best statement.


As a growing number of retailers broaden their coffeemaker assortment to include specialty coffee units, Walmart has yet to make a strong statement in the specialty segment. While Walmart stays focused on offering its customers a broad range of automatic drip units, it also continues to provide a variety of brands at pricepoints ranging from $50 to $100.