Revol Adds Revolution 2 Ceramic Dutch Oven Assortment

Revol has redesigned its Revolution cast iron Dutch oven collection. The new line, named Revolution 2, is no longer made from cast iron, but ceramic to make the pieces lighter and easier to handle, the company said.

According to Revol, the Dutch ovens are suitable for every heat source, including induction, stovetop, electric top, oven and microwave. Consumers can use this ceramic cookware to cook, simmer, boil, bake and braise any type of meat, vegetables or pasta preparation, the company said. The line is offered with red, blue, white or yellow tops, however, glass-top lids are also available.

The oval dutch oven has a 4.75-quart capacity and the round dutch oven is available in 1.75 quart, 2.75 quart, and 3.75 quart. The Revolution 2 Dutch ovens carry a suggested price range of $129 to $299.