Revolution Cooking Advances High-Speed Smart Toaster

Making toast just got a lot faster and smarter with the launch of Revolution Cooking’s new R180 High-Speed 2-Slice Smart Toaster, which debuted exclusively at Williams-Sonoma for the holiday season and will be available for general retail distribution beginning April 1.

“The toaster hasn’t changed in 100 years— we have reinvented it,” said Tom Klaff, CEO, Revolution Cooking. “That’s why we chose the name Revolution. Others have innovated toasters on the outside. We believe true innovation starts inside.”

The R180 toaster features a completely redesigned, diamond-shaped heating system that uses smart sensors to optimize the toasting process, offering five food settings, for bagel, bread, English muffin, toaster pastry and waffle; three toasting modes, for fresh, frozen or reheating; and seven toasting shades— all said to be in a fraction of the time of conventional toasters.

Other features include an intuitive touchscreen display with adjustable brightness and a “sleep” screen with an integrated clock; automatic lower and lift functions; customizable alert tone; and crumb tray reminder. Suggested retail price for the unit is $299.99.

“We decided to enter the toaster category first because it is a huge category,” said Klaff. “Over 95% of homes in the U.S. have toasters on their kitchen countertops. Second, it has a limited number of foods that go into it. Third, all toasters in the category, whether priced at $20 or $400, operate using the same heating element technology first invented in the late 19th century. And fourth, we believed we could radically disrupt the category immediately with a core heating and smart algorithm platform to deliver a superior experience.”

Klaff pointed out that the smart toaster is just the first salvo in what promises to be a range of technological innovations in the small appliance category.

“This approach is what enables performance toasting in the toaster and performance cooking in our upcoming release of a countertop oven,” he added. “We are excited that we can extend our technology platform into the larger cavity countertop oven and microwave oven market to deliver a whole new performance cooking experience for our consumers.”