Revolution Cooking Develops Video Display For Smart Toaster

Revolution Cooking has developed a talking video retail display for its High-Speed 2-Slice Smart Toaster, which debuted exclusively at Williams-Sonoma this past holiday season and is now available for general retail distribution.

The retailer program, “The Talking Toaster,” showcases the product and maximizes its demonstrability in retail stores. The metal display riser features a magnetic front graphic with push button. The custom package is designed for shipment. The first retailer to pick up the display was Crate & Barrel where it’s currently being tested in two stores, the company said.

The R180 toaster (shown below) features a completely redesigned, diamond-shaped heating system that uses smart sensors to optimize the toasting process, offering five food settings, for bagel, bread, English muffin, toaster pastry and waffle; three toasting modes, for fresh, frozen or reheating; and seven toasting shades.

Other features include an intuitive touchscreen display with adjustable brightness and a “sleep” screen with an integrated clock; automatic lower and lift functions; customizable alert tone; and crumb tray reminder. Suggested retail price for the unit is $299.99.

In addition to launching the toaster on QVC this weekend, the company said it has added new retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Crate & Barrel and, in addition to Williams Sonoma, Best Buy and Amazon.