Ricer Highlights Lifetime’s New Farberware Collections

CHICAGO— Capitalizing on consumer interest in ricing vegetables as a substitute for starches, Lifetime Brands will debut the Farberware Rice-n-Slice at the upcoming International Home + Housewares Show.

According to the company, the new Rice-n-Slice is designed to rice a variety of vegetables including cauliflower, broccoli, squash, potatoes and carrots. The riced vegetables can then be used for sautéing, steaming, roasting, baking and mashing.

The Rice-n-Slice features suction feet so that when placed on the surface and lightly pressed, the gadget will stay secure on the counter, explained Lifetime Brands.

Next, the user can slip the blade over the center of the 7.5-cup capacity bowl and add vegetables. Once it is covered, the pump mechanism is attached and once the green switch is activated, the user can pump the vegetables until they are crumbled to the desired size. The clear bowl snaps out of the base for cleaning.

The Farberware Rice-n-Slice will have a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Lifetime will also be introducing the Farberware Collection, a line of housewares tailored to coordinate by design and style and that is said to align with today’s top home trends. It will present a unified look across multiple categories, including cutlery, kitchenware and pantryware. The collection will focus on a soft contemporary aesthetic that includes a focus on clean lines, mixed materials, a nature-inspired color palette and prep to serve versatility.

In addition, Farberware will introduce new handles for its Professional kitchen tool and gadget collection. The new handles feature an ergonomic contour, designed to complement the shape and movement of the human hand. Each handle incorporates a tip-up feature that is weighted to elevate the head of the kitchen tool from countertops. The company is offering the collection in a range of colors, including turquoise and gray.

Farberware will also introduce new additions to its Colourworks collections of cutlery and kitchenware. Developed based on the appeal of color, material and functionality in housewares, the line’s new additions will include finishes in glitter/sparkle, iridescent and pattern.

The brand’s Food Huggers line will also expand with the butter hugger, cheese huggers in various sizes, wine hugger and wine pourer. The butter and cheese huggers help in preserving food without the need for added waste like bags or plastic wrap. The design of the wine hugger fits over any wine bottle and has a low profile, allowing it to fit on a fridge shelf.