Richard Smith To Retire From Smith’s Consumer Products

Smith’s Consumer Products has announced that Richard Smith will retire as president of the company, on March 31. However, Smith will remain on the board of directors.

According to the company, Smith was 10 years old when he began working in the quarries of Arkansas with his father to mine the Arkansas stone that was used in the company’s first line of knife sharpeners. The company was founded by Richard Smith’s great grandfather.

In his more than 40 years with the company, Smith’s Consumer Products noted that Smith was responsible for its entry into top retailers including Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Academy, Gander Mountain, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and others. Smith also helped design and manufacture over 40 patented products including the “Pocket Pal” knife sharpener for the military, which went on to become one of the most recognized and best-selling sharpeners in the industry, according to the company. 

“I am most proud of the legacy that my great grandfather, grandfather, and father left and the opportunity they afforded me to make Smith’s the number one sharpening company in the world,” said Smith. “No longer is it a little quarrying operation where Novaculite was our sole source for sharpeners.  During my tenure we diversified and expanded our product line to include, diamond, carbide, ceramic, bonded abrasives, guided sharpening systems, and electric sharpeners. This could not have been achieved without the dedication and hard work of all our wonderful employees. It has been an honor to work with so many great people.”