Rite Aid Releases Social Responsibility Report

Rite Aid has released its inaugural corporate social responsibility report. The report highlights the company’s latest accomplishments with respect to the economic, environmental and social issues related to the business.

The report addresses the areas of governance in corporate social responsibility, data security, environmental sustainability, supply chain sustainability, health and wellness, including health care access, workplace environment, community involvement and workplace diversity and inclusion. Additionally, the report outlines Rite Aid’s commitment to continually evaluating and enhancing the company’s processes.

Key highlights from the report include the company’s initiatives to drive energy efficiency and waste minimization, manage controlled substances, combat the nation’s opioid crisis and eliminate undesirable chemicals from the products it sells.

“As a retail health care company that operates in many communities throughout the country and engages with millions of patients and customers through our various lines of business, we believe we’re in a unique position to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our customers, associates and neighbors,” said John Standley, CEO, Rite Aid. “Now more than ever, we are dedicated to integrating sustainable environmental, social and governance initiatives into our operations and expanding the scope of these initiatives.”