Rosanna Presents Home Of The Brave Collection

Rosanna Inc. is presenting the Home of the Brave collection of limited edition, small-batch and handmade American products. The products originate from the Pacific Northwest, where company founder Rosanna Bowles grew up.

“We wanted to do our part to support small businesses during this time,” said Bowles, who is also president and art director of the company. “Right now we all have to help each other. Home of the Brave is a win-win, I’m bringing these wonderful products to market and our customers get to enjoy them.”

The new lineup includes an assortment for the home, as well as food products. Limited edition handmade trays and mugs were created by a local artisan in Newberg, OH, and feature messages such as “Hope,” “Together,” and “Kindness.”

The mugs and trays are scheduled to be available in mid-September.