Rowenta Rolls Out Air Purifier Line To Retail Market

Rowenta has rolled out its Intense Pure Air cleaners to the retail market. Offered in two sizes, the bedroom version purifies a room’s air up to 400 square feet, while the XL Room version will purify up to 835 square feet, the company said. 

The new air purifiers offer four levels of filtration: pre filter to filter dust, hair, animal hair; active carbon filter to filter odors, smokes and VOC; True HEPA filter to filter fine dust, pollen, dust mites, animal allergens, viruses, bacterium, etc.; and a patented Nano Captur filter to trap and permanently destroy formaldehyde.

“As we learn more about the quality of our air, it is becoming more critical for us to be able to filter it,” said Michele Lupton, marketing communications director, Groupe SEB USA. “With its four levels of filtration, the Intense Pure Air is a necessary addition to any home, especially given the rising number of pollutants found in our homes.”

The Rowenta Intense Pure Air has a suggested retail price of $299 (bedroom) and $399 (XL room) and will be available in select Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale’s, Kohl’s and Best Buy stores nationwide, as well as online at