RSVP Founder Campbell Passes

Phil Campbell, founder and president of RSVP International, passed away, suddenly, in early July.

Susie Cover, co-owner and founder, will continue overall operations management as CEO, and Leif Jonson will assume the role of COO.

“Leif and I, together with everyone here at RSVP, will ensure that RSVP continues to provide you with our award-winning excellence,” said Cover. “Phil will be greatly missed and remembered for his humor and compassion, and the caring friendship he gave to us all.”

According to company officials, Campbell began his career at Sears where his creativity, dedication and hard work resulted in almost immediate sales increases, leading to greater opportunities and promotion. He later moved on to work at Pier One’s flagship store in Dallas, Texas, before taking a position with Worldwide Distributors in Seattle. It was there that he developed his creative skills for importing, said RSVP, making lifelong relationships and friendships with suppliers all over the world. Soon after, Campbell took a position at Progressive International.

In 1984, Campbell launched RSVP International, an independently owned corporation dedicated to developing and distributing quality kitchen products to specialty stores that includes the Endurance brand of goods.