Sale Of One Million Eureka AirSpeed Uprights Prompts Corporate Celebration

Electrolux Small Appliances North America is celebrating the sale of the one millionth Eureka AirSpeed vacuum on February 23. The Eureka AirSpeed bagless upright debuted at Walmart in August 2010.

“This milestone is a testament to AirSpeed’s consumer-driven design, cleaning efficacy and aggressive marketing efforts,” said Marty O’Gorman, president of Electrolux Small Appliances North America. “It is validation from one million target consumers who have chosen to spend their hard earned money on AirSpeed because it meets a real need: deep carpet cleaning power at an affordable price.”

Eureka commemorated the sale of the one millionth AirSpeed by sweeping one Walmart shopper off his feet in the company’s Charlotte, NC hometown on February 23. Executives from Eureka, including O’Gorman, waited in the store’s aisles to give the first vacuum shopper on the scene a free Eureka AirSpeed. Unsuspecting area resident Dean McHam was the first to arrive and was greeted by the surprise crew equipped with balloons, video cameras and a free, gift wrapped AirSpeed, presented by O’Gorman.

“This event was the perfect way to involve Walmart, our community and a consumer in our sales milestone celebration,” said O’Gorman.  “Dean was very excited, and I think it’s fair to say we have won another life-long fan for the Eureka brand.”