Sally Beauty Launches ‘Going Green’ Program

Sally Beauty is launching ‘SBH Going Green,’ a company-wide effort intended to reduce the brand’s environmental impact by reducing waste and energy usage throughout its stores, supply chain and headquarters.

“Sally Beauty is committed to a top-down transformation. Making our operations more sustainable helps our communities and our business,” said Aaron Alt, president of Sally Beauty Supply. “Our customer base wants to see a more environmentally-friendly Sally, and we’re proud of the plan we’ve developed to get us there.”

Starting in 2020, Sally Beauty, CosmoProf and corporate-owned Armstrong McCall stores will discontinue the use of plastic bags, instead offering their customers a choice between paper bags and reusable bags made from recycled materials, in each case available for a small fee. In addition, the company is committed to removing all instances of styrofoam from its operations, leading to an initial reduction of 300,000 pieces from landfills in the first year. Finally, corporate headquarters has launched a cardboard recycling program in an effort to recycle five to seven tons of cardboard per year. Together, these changes will contribute to an estimated $2 to $3 million in annual savings.

Earlier in 2019, the brand also launched an energy management pilot program in 64 stores that resulted in a 34% reduction in energy per store. Based on the success of the program, the brand will be implementing the energy conservation plan in additional stores over the next three years, targeting locations with the highest energy usage.