Salton Brings Single-Serve Concept To New Bread Maker

Salton is bringing a new twist to the single-serve concept with the launch of its Salton Easy Bread bread maker that company officials said allows users to make bread in only three steps.

Priced at $199, the appliance allows home bakers to make a loaf of bread by placing a capsule of pre-measured ingredients into the bread maker, adding water and pressing the start button. A loaf is fully baked in just more than two hours, according to the company.

The bread maker creates individual loaves large enough for a family of four, and a 12-hour timer allows the user to bake a loaf at the time of his or her choosing. Other features include a 300 milliliter removable water tank, LED display, gluten-free button and brownness level setting that includes light, medium and dark.

The company is also coming to market with an initial assortment of bread flavors that range from the traditional white bread, to whole grain and gluten free options. The individual bread capsules, which are made in Europe, are priced starting at $3.99.

Salton is targeting spring of 2016 for the new unit’s retail debut.

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