Samantha Rose, GIR (Get It Right)

GIR get it right people to watch 2021

The August 17 edition of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® revealed the 15th annual “People To Watch” in housewares during the next 12 months.

Selected by HomeWorld Business editors, “People To Watch” represents a cross section of a diverse housewares business— from established to newly installed company leaders; from large to small operations, from big-box to specialty retailers; from trade show managers to celebrity endorsers.

The HomeWorld “People To Watch” are in the spotlight not only for how they might impact their respective organizations in the coming months, but also for how they might impact the overall housewares business.

Samantha Rose, GIR (Get It Right), Founder and CEO

CREDENTIALS: In 2012, Samantha Rose began her journey to founding GIR (Get It Right), a silicone-based kitchenware company. In her quest to find a spatula that would stand up to her kitchen needs, and not break similar to others she had been using, she decided to design and create her own prototype. It was her attempt to create a spatula that would “get it right.”

The spatula that was once a prototype soon appeared on Kickstarter campaigns which fueled rapid growth thanks to customer feedback. Rose soon found her spatula, and additional silicone kitchen tools such as a spoonula, turner, tongs, ladle and whisk, all in vibrant colors, sold in small independent stores and online. In 2018, the company developed a capsule collection that was launched into 550 Target locations, as well as the retailer’s website.

WHAT TO WATCH: While Rose grew her business from a direct-to-consumer and specialty store model to one that has a larger omnichannel presence, she remains a strong supporter of the independent and gourmet channels, which she has called the lifeblood of the business. That grass roots, community effort is also part of what prompted Rose and her team to pivot their manufacturing capabilities earlier this year and develop silicone masks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rose has said that her company’s name is a mission, a core belief that guides the team and engages customers. It’s how the kitchenware company was able to pivot to face masks and PPE without skipping a beat.

In addition to her focus on supplying face masks, GIR has also kept its new product momentum up, introducing kitchenware that goes beyond prep tools and offering solutions such as reusable straws and food storage lids.

With the company’s brand awareness and openness to share its story and core beliefs, both of which are essential to reach today’s consumer, the company is in a unique position to continue its growth and help shape the kitchenware category.

PERSPECTIVE: “I think what’s resonating about GIR are our core beliefs: one, that kitchens should be colorful— not just in the food we eat, but with the tools we use to prepare— and two, that the things we make should be beautiful but also sustainable and built to last a lifetime,” said Rose. “We want to meet our customers where they already are, whether that’s online or at their local gourmet store or at a hardware store. It’s an omnichannel approach that boils down to: we’ll come to you.” —Lauren DeBellis

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