Sanremo Partners With Milliken To Improve Vac Freezer Line

Sanremo, a Brazil-based international housewares company, has partnered with Milliken & Co. to use a polypropylene resin, clarified with Milliken’s Millad NX 8000 additive, to achieve new aesthetic and sustainability benefits, the company said.

The sustainability benefits come to play in the manufacturing process, the company said. Because the Milliken clarifier can be used at lower manufacturing temperatures, the injection molding temperature of Vac freezer containers and lids can be lowered, allowing the company to cut energy use, accelerate cycle times and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18.3%, the company said.

“Sanremo’s commitment to improving the sustainability and quality of our products is of the utmost importance to us, and our long history of collaboration with Milliken is a testament to this effort,” said Sergio Marques Dias, general manager, Sanremo. 

The Vac Freezer line features decorative and collectable button accents and was created with thicker walls that ensure durability and prevent deformation when used in the microwave, the company said. The practical configuration features round corners that enable more accurate cleaning and handles for carrying hot or frozen food.