Sarah Dipietro, Omni Buyer, Fine & Casual China, Dinnerware, Outdoor & Table Linens, Macy’s

The July 13, 2020, issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS® features the 21st annual Impact Merchants special report. Housewares suppliers, representing the categories that HomeWorld covers, once again were asked to nominate buyers and merchandisers believed to have made a significant impact during the past year.

The selection of the Impact Merchant winners is not intended as a definitive list of the best merchants in housewares retailing. Votes went to several more merchandisers than those featured. This year’s honorees represent buyers in given categories that received the majority of votes by vendors polled.

Voters were asked to give added weight to merchandising creativity, trend and marketing astuteness, attention to detail, openness to risk, flexibility, relationship building and the ability to deliver a profitable program for both the vendors and retailer while providing value to consumers. One thing this year’s Impact Merchants share is a vote of respect by their vendors. In today’s unpredictable retail environment, that vote really counts.

Sarah Dipietro, Omni Buyer, Fine & Casual China, Dinnerware, Outdoor & Table Linens, Macy’s

Sarah Dipietro quickly gained a reputation as a creative partner after stepping into her role at Macy’s as omni buyer for dinnerware in mid-2018. Most recently, she took on the casual china department at the retailer as well and was noted for her swift and focused diligence amid the COVID pandemic. For these and other reasons, Dipietro has been named a 2020 HOMEWORLD BUSINESS Impact Merchant.

Dipietro began her career at Macy’s as a merchandise assistant focused on fashion and jewelry in 2010. And since then she has been an assistant/associate buyer for the brand’s digital buying team in a variety of categories, including flatware, candy & trim, as well as bedding.

And while she is rather new in her role as an omni-channel buyer for the casual china department at Macy’s, tabletop vendors said she has jumped right in, formulating strategies that could effectively be executed.

In addition, vendors stated that throughout the pandemic and despite a lack of support staff, Dipietro has kept in constant contact with companies to keep the business going. She also creatively planned ways for vendors to partner on strategies to offer value to Macy’s customers while driving incremental sales and cost shipments.

As Macy’s continues to shift strategies and its approach to retail, buyers such as Dipietro, who can offer up strength in forecasting, inventory management, visual merchandising, as well as creativity and focus amidst challenging times are sure to be a benefit to the retail brand. —Lauren DeBellis

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